Session 15 – 13th November, Burgh Castle

A fascinating pinhole camera session with photographer Jeremy Webb. Results will be revealed at the next session, when we will be developing the images.

We were joined by the team from the amazing Thames Discovery Programme,

who brought along finds from the inter-tidal zone, the Thames foreshore.

Perhaps they brought archaeological good fortune, because there was a small find, of which more later.

All these photos are by Dr William Rathouse, one of the Thames Team.

And here is Eliott Wragg’s book (with Nathalie Cohen), of which we now have a signed copy. Thanks Eliott!

Session 14 – 30th October, Burgh Castle

Another creative writing session with Belona Greenwood, writing and sharing stories of Romans, mysteries and imaginings. Belona is compiling the pieces into a map of the site, and of our experience.

After the session some of us went to Raveningham to meet Sarah Cannell, curator of the Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail. We are thinking of submitting a proposal for a group installation and Sarah showed us the perfect site…..