Burgh Castle Almanac at Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail

Artists meeting on Sunday 10th Feb at Raveningham, walking the Sculpture Trail in the rain
Beautiful Castell Farm, at the heart of the trail. A Tudor farmhouse with an old orchard, meadows and gardens.
Artist Ian Brownlie, who will be collaborating with Sue Tyler and Burgh Castle Almanac members to create something between a geodesic dome and a free woven structure big enough to stand in

The Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail run by Waveney and Blythe Arts will be open from the end of July to the beginning of September. We are thrilled that Burgh Castle Almanac will be creating an inviting interactive dome that will embody something of the history and changing flow of the landscape. The structure will feature images and flora from Burgh Castle, and will be partly built on site using found wood, trees and branches.

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