Session 40 15th October St Benet’s Abbey

Photo credits Richard Godfrey, Louise Fowden, John Durrant, Robert Fairclough, Sue Tyler, Fran Pearce, Laura Drysdale, Tod Sullivan, Phillip Wells

We met on a bleak day at St Benet’s Abbey, the strange abbey in the marshes near Ludham that once looked something like this

and now like this.

It is owned by our BCA partners Norfolk Archaeological Trust, and is a thousand years old, as the Benedictine monastery was founded by King Cnut in 1019. The land route to the site is through private farmland, but the ruins are more accessible via the River Bure.

St Benet’s is still used for an annual service in August, and it clearly means a lot to many, we saw inscriptions, gifts and a bunch of flowers with a portrait photo laid in the Gatehouse.

The archaeology of the site is apparent in the lumps and bumps in the landscape, and there are some tempting molehills.

St Benet’s Abbey is wonderfully photogenic and people took some great pictures

We ended up with a cuppa at Ludham Bridge.

Session 39 1st October 2019, Lowestoft, Tod’s Trip

Back view theme with Amanda Payne, who is off to Manchester. We’re going to miss her. Photo by Philip Wells

Tod’s Trips took us from Sams Cafe to the Lowestoft Heritage Centre, with a tour of Flint House and the extraordinary Beach Village model. North Lowestoft is a Heritage Action Zone –

Flint House, after a behind-the-scenes tour with John Stannard, Lowestoft Civic Society. John has been driving initiatives to conserve Lowestoft’s built heritage and the Society owns this magnificent building. Photo by Robert Fairclough.

We feel a building conservation project coming on….